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Ideal for everyday farmers, from hobby farms to large acreage, the various models accomodate all. The Classic range run Donaldson filters, German Lux clutches and Italian Grammar seating. The smaller HP models run an engine similar to Perkins and the larger HP models contain a Cummins engine. The classic range are tried and tested, proving their reliability and strength world wide.
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Brand new and built tough in design and function. Improved mechanics to work with the tough terrain we know you work in. Sleek interior, and and the latest manly shell available for our toughest of farmers working daily in the toughest of countries. Now Available Australia Wide.

2017 – Only the tough survive.

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Our 90HP engine high clearance tractor allows for a greater clearance than any other equal wheeled tractor in the Australian market, making them sought after by a range of consumers. From forestry services to vegetable farms the YTO904H has been a winning design.
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The big mothers. Power-shift tractors are for high use farming with large towing capacity needed, and are often useful for steep gradients. The ability to shift between gears with a simple touch of a screen can save valuable time and effort when towing a massive load uphill. Added options of GSP navigation control, make the POWER-SHIFT range the ultimate modern day power farming machine. There’s no playing when you know you’re at this level. These babies are build for the hard work and come with all the added features available.
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