There’s this crazy bull dust thing that businesses seem to do in tough times, I’m sure you’ve seen it, I’m sure you’ve heard it and maybe you’ve even partook in this trash. What happens is, instead of just working harder to be better and helping our customers further, businesses often fall back on rubbishing and lying about their competition. In my opinion that’s pretty revolting. This is Australia, we’re all Australians and we should all be giving one another a pat on the back or a leg up. Even figuring out how to work together to pull through times of hardship.

With the lack of rainfall this year all machinery and tractor dealers are feeling the squeeze. We understand that. But trying to cut each others legs off with made up stories of non existent faults just isn’t nice guys. Some tractors are hardier (like ours), some are cheaper and don’t need to be as sturdy or built for as much strength. They are all different products for all different farmers, rubbishing each other is just poor form, we aren’t car sales men. We’re here for the genuine farmers of our great land so pull together and work along side one another and just maybe we can all be mates 👍

We’re tractor and machinery sales, but we are also farmers and we are hear for other farmers. Feel free to buy whatever brand suits you, from Deutz to New Holland, YTO, John Deere and Fendt we’re still going to care for you, we’re still here to service whatever make and model tractor you own. THAT’s how we operate.


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