Total Msrp
$51,700.00 inc
The YTO 904H high clearance tractor gains the greatest clearance ratio of all equal wheeled tractors in the Australian market. Suitable for a range of farming opportunities these tractors have been largely sought after for forestry services, vegetable growers and cane farmers Australia wide.

Total Msrp
$49,390.00 inc
Ideal for all farming the X904 delivers an excellent amount of torque, the British designed diesel engine is also economical and produces a low amount of emissions. These tractors come standard with a german engineered LUX clutch, Italian Grammar seating, Hella superior lights and Bosch electrics.
Total Msrp
$42,460.00 inc
The YTO X704 contains a British designed diesel engine, German LUX Clutch, Italian Grammar seating and Bosch electrics.  
Total Msrp
$57,200.00 inc
The YTO X1254 is an ideal machine for the everyday farmers. With strong capabilities, built to assist on large acreage and hobby farmers alike, this classic tractor runs Donaldson filters, German Lux clutches and Italian Grammar seating.
Total Msrp
$34,100.00 inc
Built for Hobby farmers and small farms the MF554 is a all weather vehicle. With 4wd, a reliable loader, strong build and air-conditioned comfort, this machine is well caught after.
Total Msrp
$30,250.00 inc
The MF554 ROPS is an ideal 4wd tractor for hobby farmers and small farms alike. With Australian standards in roll over protection, reliable mechanics and features, this tractor is popular across Australia.

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