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Drought Field Days YTO Tractors

For a country that has always been known for its hard working, tough, stud like farmers, there was a disappointing reality that was painful to notice at the recent Henty Field Days. Don’t worry, our farmers are still the genuine men and women they have always have been. We’re still strong and reliable, if not a little disheveled with the ongoing drought crisis across this great land of ours.

But there’s one thing that we’ve become that I’m not so proud of. I wish I had a better word for it but “spoilt” is the only one I can come up with.

We’ve been convinced by advertising that we need to do things the easy way. That we have to buy machinery for obscene prices just so that we don’t push a clutch down or get a bit sweaty. No offence to those that require first class farming but that’s pathetic. We’re tougher than that and it’s time to straighten our shoulders, realise we don’t need to mortgage our homes to pay for these unnecessary luxuries, and remember that we can work, like the good Aussie men and women we are, with reliable machines that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Yeah I work for YTO so I’m going to promote them but in all honesty you could buy FOUR brand new 125hp tractors that do the same job, without all the bells and whistles junk, for the same price as ONE high end “softies” tractor.

Times are tough for us all but we’re Australians so what do we do? We tighten our belts and toughen up!

That’s what we’ve always done. That’s what our parents and grandparents knew how to do so well. They plowed fields with horses and little grey fergies without complaint. We can get through this, we can go without the extreme luxuries that we don’t actually need in a tractor, and we can feed our stock with the cash that we save.


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